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Best practice

Identification of potential

City of Norderstedt : Energy Concept For CO2-Reduction By Town Planning

Energy Concept for CO2-reduction by town planning, refurbishment, efficient energy supply and the use of renewable energies (including solar energy).

With the objective to reduce the CO2-emissions from heating, the energy concept analyses the building stock and the public energy supply. Based on this analysis the concept defines options for refurbishment measures including the use of renewable energies all over the city of Norderstedt. Substantial for the benchmark of measures is their cost efficiency. The GIS based methodology represents the possibility to map generated information and therewith to define priorities.

For more information : Energy Concept For CO2-Reduction By Town Planning

City of Osnabrück : Solar potential cadastre and mobilization campaign "Sun Area"

To assess the solar potential of the roofs the City of Osnabrück made laser scans of the city’s complete building stock. These scans were made during a flight. On the base of the acquired information like geometry, orientation and slope of the roofs a specialized program calculated the solar potential of the city. The results of this calculation can be checked on an interactive internet webpage. Each citizen of Osnabruck can look up his address and identify the potential of his own building. The different colors show the (red high potential > 95 % of the possible solar irradiation, grey : no potential). Furthermore brief technical, organizational and financial information were given (e.g. solar gains, How to install a PV installation, feed-in-tariff...). Beside of this the city informed and consulted a group of private and public building owners (from buildings with high solar potential).

Fore more information : Solar potential cadastre and mobilization campaign "Sun Area"

Mobilization of potential

City of Wiesbaden : Solar potential cadastre and mobilization campaign

The campaign “Sun is looking for a roof” is an initiative of the city of Wiesbaden to promote the use of PV systems. This initiative has got three main points : 1. “Wir tun was“ We do something : The city of Wiesbaden shows their citizens how they handle proactively with their own building stock. 2. " Investieren Sie selbst“ = Invest your money 3. “Beteiligen Sie sich“ Public Partizipation Citizens that want to install a PV installation but do not have an applicable roof can buy shares of 500-5000 Euro of a collective/common installation. The campaign will be distributed and published via press, supplement of newspapers, flyer, internet and free consultancy.

For more information : "Sonne sucht Dach“ (“Sun is looking for a roof”)

Town planning

Quarter of Stuttgart Neckarpark “Locational factor low energy and education”

This project will involve the development of a forward-looking energy strategy for a new urban neighborhood in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. The strategy is to ensure that as much energy as possible is provided from renewable sources, such as solar thermal energy, geothermal power or waste water heat recovery. The approach methodology involved : 1. Establish criteria for forward-looking energy strategy : • compact building structure • passive solar gains through optimized orientation of buildings and reduction of shading • higher requirements than energy saving regulation • application of renewable energy systems 2. Competition - to involve urban planners 3. Discussion and development of further ideas with citizens, urban planners, local politicians, environmental department, power supplier and municipal utility.

For more information : “Locational factor low energy and education”

Policy and legislation

Vellmar solar requirements for new buildings : Solar requirements for new buildings integrated in the local plan / urban development contract

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The developing area “Auf dem Ostenberg” in Vellmar originally was owned by the City of Vellmar. Every building owner who wants to build in this area has to sign an urban contract with the city. According to this urban contract they have got the duty to cover 50% of the DHW demand and 10% of the heating demand with solar thermal systems. Beside of this they have to use the rain water e.g. for toilets. In return the City of Vellmar subsidies free solar and energy consulting for the building owners (up to limited amount). Furthermore the local plan was adjusted to the solar thermal use e. g. orientation to the south. Due to the fact that the plot ratio is regulated by the preparatory land-use plan and the City of Vellmar did not have the rights to chance it, the local plan is not totally optimized. The buildings do not have the optimal distance so that the buildings sometimes block each other.

For more information : Solar requirements for new buildings integrated in the local plan

City of Baunatal : Promotional activities and subsidy scheme for solar thermal systems

In the developing area “Am obersten Heimbach” all building owners have the opportunity to profit by financial support of the City of Baunatal. To be able to take up the subsidy the following criteria must be fulfilled : the building must be equipped with RES and a high energy performance through building insulation must be achieved. After an energy consultation (this is the last step) the building owners will be able to take up the loan. A bonus system developed by the city guarantees every building owner an easy understandable and flexible support. The public sponsorship is supported by the Ministry for Environment, Energy, Agriculture and Consumer Protection of the Federal State of Hessen.

For more information : Promotional activities and subsidy scheme for solar thermal systems

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