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City of Óbuda-Békásmegyer : STACCATO

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The municipality of Óbuda-Békásmegyer joined the STACCATO project (contract number : TREN/07/FP6EN/S07.70296/038441) in 2005 together with Amsterdam Noord and Sofia Oborishte as the third municipality to undertake a pilot programme of renovating selected block houses with implementation costs of 1.2 billion HUF (approx. 4.18 million EUR) with a contribution of approx. 287 million HUF (1 million EUR) from the EU. The building in Óbuda was selected in June 2009 : renovation was planned in the so-called “Village Block” with its 884 flats and 15 stairwells covering 43,500 square metres. The building was named after its 3,000 inhabitants who are easily numerous enough to fill an entire village.

Project preparation took three years, from 2006 to June 2009, during which time technical plans, financial plans and construction blueprints were drawn up, and the public procurement procedure for selection of a construction company took place. The actual renovation of the building took just 6 months, from July to December 2009.

For more information : STACCATO

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