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State of the art

A vision, strategy and agenda for the medium-term (with long-term prospects up to 2020 and 2050) are set out in the 2008 energy report. Central policy themes in this report include economically efficient energy supply, a sustainable energy mix for the Netherlands and associated adequate infrastructure. The strategy for ensuring the creation of an energy supply in the Netherlands that can meet the demand for energy in a sustainable manner comprises the following three main elements :
• Making the supply of energy cleaner and more efficient through the encouragement of energy savings, the production of more renewable energy and the capture and storage of CO2.
• The promotion of smoothly running energy markets in which consumers of energy occupy a central position and in which there is total freedom for energy innovations at central and local level.
• Creation of a healthy and stable investment climate for all energy options by defining a clear framework and procedures, with additional incentives where necessary.

This must result in a clean, affordable and secure energy supply. The Dutch government does not set out a blueprint for sustainable energy management, but provides targets and a framework, incentives and direction.

The cabinet targets for 2020, as set out in the Clean and Efficient Work Programme, are to enable the achievement of a 30% reduction in CO2 by 2020 compared with 1990, a renewable energy share of 20% in 2020 and an annual energy saving of 2% as from 2011.

Download here the national state of the art of the Netherlands.

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