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Hamburg workshop

The first POLIS project workshop took place in Hamburg, Germany, in November 2009 during Climate Alliance’s annual Municipal Climate Protection Conference (Kommunale Klimaschutz-Konferenz).

The overall aim of the workshop was to set up a so-called national competence group to discuss the subject of solar potential in cities and municipalities so as to compile various local solar projects and pass these on to multipliers, such as urban planners, municipal decision-makers, business developers and local suppliers.

Representatives from the cities of Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart, Wuppertal, Wiesbaden, Kiel, Norderstedt and Baunatal outlined and discussed their local authority’s strategies and activities with regards to the promotion of urban solar planning.

One project presented for example was an online solar register with which the solar potential of every single roof in the city of Wiesbaden can be viewed on the Internet so that the number of buildings with solar panels can be increased. Another initiative, entitled ‘(urban development) planning with the sun’, showed what the city of Cologne is doing to integrate solar usage in the building’s planning stage as early as possible.

Download here the minutes of this workshop

Please contact Sigrid Lindner (s.lindner@ecofys.com) or André Muno (a.muno@climatealliance.org) for further information.

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