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Action Plan

Within the Lisbon Action Plan, the focus areas will be new developments, existing living developments and urban renewal areas. The implementation of the Solar Action Plan relies on the involvement of various relevant stakeholders at local level :
- Political stakeholders at the municipality level ;
- Municipal technicians ;
- Professionals from the fields of engineering, architecture and urban planning ; Builders ;
- Associations and housing cooperatives ;
- Associations of the solar industry ; and
- The general public.

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Baixa Pombalina neighbourhood, Lisboa (Source : Lisboa E-Nova)

Main areas of intervention identified to address in promoting the uptake of solar urban planning are : Evaluation of the solar energy potential in the City of Lisbon and provision of information about the solar potential of Lisbon to the public. Setting targets for the adoption of solar technologies based on the potential identified at the level of the building stock. Consideration of guidelines for the development of practical solar urban planning at the review of the Municipal Plan and the Regulation Municipal Urbanization and Construction of Lisbon. Contextualizing the policy framework for the adoption of solar technologies in the municipal strategy for the upgrading and rehabilitating of the city’s building stock. Identification of urban plans for the application of the guidelines, with the consequent revision of urban design in order to maximize the adoption of solar technologies. Identify the solar potential of the Lisbon Municipality’s built heritage at the level of service buildings and buildings of municipal housing. Promote the training of professionals in the fields of urban planning, engineering and architecture on the concepts of passive and active solar technologies.

Within the Action Plan, 5 priorities have been defined and identified as “Pilot Actions”, to be developed within POLIS project : 1. (Pilot Action) Evaluation of solar potential in Lisbon at the parish level, focusing on the local framework regarding housing refurbishment and providing the results obtained to the general public (2010-2011).
2. (Pilot Action) Definition of realistic targets for solar technologies adoption (thermal and photovoltaic) in the medium and short term for the city of Lisbon and for Lisbon Municipality (2011).
3. (Pilot Action) Evaluation of the potential to integrate solar technologies in the Neighbourhood Boavista Urban Plan, identifying opportunities for redefining the urban design in order to maximize the plan’s potential for adopting solar technologies (2010-2012).
4. (Pilot Action) Identification of the solar potential of the built heritage of the Lisbon Municipality at the level of the service buildings supplied with medium voltage (2011).
5. (Pilot Action) Training workshops for professionals (planners, engineers and architects) on solar technologies and solar concepts of urban planning, focusing on municipal technicians of the Urban Planning Department, the Urban Management Department and the Projects and Works Department (2011-2012).

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